What is the SPS?

THE FIRST COMPACT COMBINED SOLAR SYSTEM producing the cooling, heating, and the domestic hot water.





LAN ASSOCIATED HEAT PUMP !!! When the storage is depleted (after 2 and 5 hours autonomy), this support system with high efficiency takes over and makes you to economize.



A COMPACT SYSTEM : The heat system, the heat pump, the domestic hot water storage of 500L, the air conditioning system and the energy storage. All the corposants’ are integrated in one box of 2.15 m*1 m* 1.90 m (SPS 20 height) or 1.50 m (SPS 10 height)!!!



A COMPETITIVE SYSTEM : Despite of a potential important market for solar cooling system, the existing technologies are not competitive from an economic point of view compared to classic systems (they are 2 to 5 times more expensive!). The system three in one of Sun Power System is very competitive with regard to other existing solution.



HEATING THE POOL : The actual system can heat to a swimming pool by solar energy.



INSTALLATION : The SPS has to be linked to the existing distribution network of the housing and does not required particular competences.


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